Did You Wake Up This Morning Without Water?

Restore your running water in Oxford, ME with a water pump replacement

If your water pump malfunctions, you could end up without running water in your home. Luckily, you can count on the pros at ACTNOW GC, INC. for a prompt pump replacement in the Oxford, ME area. We'll send a specialist to your property to find and fix the issue efficiently so you can get the running water you need.

Get an estimate on your new water pump by contacting us today.

5 signs it's time for a replacement

5 signs it's time for a replacement

You probably need a new water pump if:

  1. Your pump continually cycles on and off.
  2. Your power bill spikes for no apparent reason.
  3. Your water pressure is unusually low or keeps fluctuating.
  4. Your water quality has changed or it contains sediment.
  5. Your faucet doesn't produce water when turned on.

Restore running water to your property in the Oxford, ME area. Call 207-539-4872 now to arrange for a pump replacement.